Monday, December 28, 2009

Will Your Business Benefit From Brochure Printing?

Brochure printing has huge potential for a business as brochures are versatile in nature. You can print any type of brochures that mostly help you maximise your promotional effects. You may choose from different types of brochures including

  1. Point-of-sale brochures that are made to draw attention from customers and pursue people to keep the brochures with them.

  1. Leave behinds brochure printing refers to the brochure that include an elaborate product description along with the special benefits and special offers available with the products.

  1. Sales support brochure printing is similar to leave-behinds brochure type with more benefits such as sales guide, utilisable in sales, increasing sales and scope for incorporating large images, headlines and pages.

  1. Direct mail brochure printing includes your direct marketing plan. These brochures are consisting of photos of products and the selling points.

So, figure out what type of brochure printing project you have to adopt for your promotional needs by weighing and considering your purposes, budgets and what helps you the most to stand out in your niche. Nonetheless, a brochure printing benefit you with an array of advantages such as faster turnaround time, hassle free printing, better branding effects, compelling promotional effects etc.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sure-Shot Tricks to Design Flyers & Capture Audience within ‘8 seconds’

Flyers are as fast as websites to gain or lose customers within a short span. 8 seconds are most likely to be spent by a reader in the flyer content. Hence, all you have this ‘8 seconds’ of time to capture the attention of quality audience. To make your flyers ‘pop’ in the market, either hire a flyer printing company or professional designer or else consider techniques used by them, such as –

  1. A snappy headline or tagline – Often a tagline or headline consisting of carefully chosen, compelling words. Popular headlines in flyers are remembered and linked to the particular product. You can get to choose words like ‘the secrets to…’, ‘how to’, ‘Discover’, ‘Proven’, ‘Finally…’ etc.

  1. Colourful, vivid graphics – Large, vivid and colourful images or graphics magnet our eyes and pull us toward them to see in detail. Moreover, these striking graphics flashed from your flyers look good to look over and over again. So, half the battle of drawing people to your flyers is won with inclusion of a relevant, good quality images or photos. The photo of your famed brand ambassador included in your flyers is win-win proposition, in this regard, to cash in their fame in drawing attention from masses.

  1. Emphasise on products and its benefits – Your audience grow interest in your flyers or products when they can remedy their problems or issues. They look for ‘what is in it for me’, hence, it is better to put yourself in their shoes and write your flyers from their perspectives. Use ‘second person’ in your copy to include ’you’ and ‘your’ to the copy.

  1. Incorporate real life experiences through testimonials – Nothing endorses better or makes a first impression credible than testimonials from a happy customers in the flyers. The ‘happy’ notes of satisfied customers convince and make your prospects feel safe to rely on your products or services as they can relate to their problems will intrigued to search more information in your flyers.

Experienced professionals know how to use the space and highlight the texts or significant points with boxes, borders, coloured (contrasted) frames with leaving white spaces between for separation. Highlight the main points in flyers with bulleted points, bold but avoid ‘Uppercase’ or ‘ALL CAPS’ to prevent your words look shouting.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Business Card Magnets – The Secret to Magnetise More Business Contacts

Business cards are the most traditional means of expanding your business network, in person. You hand over your business cards to your potential business associates or a client, to be precise. But have you thought of how long will the card be in your prospect’s hand? Your prospect might be impressed by the business card presentation and interested to keep it, but what if he/she misplaces the card? The chances of misplacing are quite high with a paper business card. Then how come you pull your potential people to your business? It is simple. Simply turn your business card into a magnet by empowering it with the power of magnet.

Magnet is hardly lost as they can remain stuck on a metal based surface. Then why don’t you enter the bandwagon of magnet based business cards. The novel business card magnets are ubiquitously in use due to the compact size and convenient way to stay around your clients by sticking to any metallic substance within their close proximity.

Besides, you do not need to forgo the attractive looks of a business card with these business cards. The unique looking surface promotes a fresh business card idea in the face of stereotyped paper business cards – a way to get noticed amidst of thousands of boring paper based business cards. Hence, these magnet cards even expose the business information at the maximum – with an unusual look and from the closest proximity of your recipients. What a better way to promote your company name, logo, contact details, email addresses, website and a special message than a magnet business card!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roll Up Banner Display - Think Big!

Roll up banner stands tall and erect to attract the targeted spectators from a distance. Sights of these banner stands are highly prevalent in all trade shows and exhibitions as they stand clear from a distance to pull to the respective stalls and corners. These roll up banner displays standing outside the shops or stalls highlight the presence of those everywhere.

These roll up banner displays consist of a recoil device that lets the banner to be retracted back to the base of the hardware. These banner stands usually weigh less than 12 pounds. In the end of a promotional event, these stands can be rolled and easily carried away to other places. These roll up banner are devised with an adjustable pole. Due to the retractable nature these banners are quite compact, convenient and help splashing the banner display from different locations. Most of these banners allow printing double sided and single sided.

Whether you are heading toward a seminar, exhibition, promotion, training centre, a promoting a shop, wedding event, hotel lobby, point of sales, conference – take this roll up banner display along for a larger exhibition display or for a project presentation. Now you need just 10 seconds to pull up the image and impress your audience with the quality of the impressive and glowing graphics within a reasonable budget. Let your prospective visitors see the image fully as only the front view of the stand is visible of the stand and the rest of the stand is shown in a tiny portion at the base of the stand.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Postcard Printing – Impress Audience with a ‘Picture-Perfect’ Postcard

Postcards have myriad shades. They are greetings. Those are collection of information. And they are also promotional materials in disguise. These cards are a great way to exchange information, be that on a place or company or company’s products or services. It is such a promotional tool in which you have abundance of scope for conveying message through images or texts. These are great tools for sharing and spreading out awareness with potential to produce leads, increase traffic for company’s website, announcing significant changes, acquire new customers and retain existing customer base, boost up sales or announcing a special event.

Postcard printing has several advantages to utilise for promote your products through postcards –

- Postcards are small yet smart tool to encourage customers ready your company’s message. With small sized paper stocks, postcard printing service are charged with lower costs than other promotional printing such as direct mailers of 3 to 5 pages. Moreover, you can avoid the cost of printing envelopes to stuff postcards within.

- Postcard printing has adequate room for expressing creativity. You can carry out experimentation with various shapes, sizes, artistic designs without having to apprehend about costs. Postcards do not have any conventional notions of typical size or shapes or paper quality, neither have formal rules or etiquette of designing.

That’s why task of postcard printing is full of fun and widening your wings of imagination with a touch of professionalism.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Your Letterhead Printing Cannot Do Without?

Imagine you have received a direct mail letter wherein the letterhead has occupied almost half portion of the page. Doesn’t the letterhead seem a bit odd, unprofessional and out of place? Your letterhead printing project may also contain some mistakes that will wrongly portray your company to your business associates. There are some mistakes of letterhead printing you must be careful and mindful about.

Your letterhead grabs the most attention of your mail recipients in a serious formal correspondence. The person reading your letter spends considerable amount in looking and judging your letterhead while reading your letter. To make the first impression right, assume an appealing letterhead design that spurs a distinct visual element to the letterhead. Your letterhead designs must be consistent to your other business collaterals such as business cards, flyers, brochures, envelopes etc.

Your letterhead printing project must not devoid of vital elements such as your company logo, slogan or special message, the colour used all marketing campaigns of your company. Too much information in the letterheads look too cluttered while too little information creates insufficiency or lack of basic information – which may bog down your recipients who are looking for precise information for making initial interaction.

Some companies tend to include a lot of contact information while your phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers or email addresses will suffice the needs for your mail recipients to initiate a communications. So, does your letterhead printing has all these necessary elements and features incorporated?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Easiest Methods to Turn Maximum Heads To Your Flyers

Flyers are the simplest most marketing efforts you can assume to promote your company or products or services or special offer or an event or your idea. Moreover, costs of creating flyers is the most easiest way to stay restricted within planned budget limit as flyer printing is quite inexpensive. Also flyers are easiest to position and increase visibility as they can be placed anywhere such as on bulletin boards, on the car, at parking lot, at magazine stand or even can be mailed through direct mails. Following are some of the tips entice maximum people to your flyers and ensure optimal success for your flyer printing project.

Professional Flyer Design – Your flyers must conform to a specific purpose. Therefore, distracting from the purpose by crowding the flyers with meaningless words never bring the attention it needs. It will simply make your flyer read messed up and make it look most amateurish, lack of professional effects. Good flyer design is never too much elaborate or expensive, rather looks simple in conveying the message to targeted audience.

Tempting Header – The secret of a successful flyer printing project depends a great deal upon its header and how enticing it is. The headline is the first thing your audience will read and will effect in creating an instant attraction amongst readers, you can ask an intriguing question, the most common problem your audience can identify to their own life, incorporating recent, hottest buzz of the town to generate an instant spark. Do not forget the need of your targeted audience and the most probable reason they should be feeling need to read your flyers.

Announce great offer like the best bargain or cheapest bargain, FREE offer are quick turnaround among crowd – use them accordingly without falling from the grace.

Monday, August 3, 2009

How To Get Your Business Cards Stand Out From Thousands?

If you look at your drawers or wallet, you would find several rectangular bits of papers crammed with information either on colleagues, clients, customers or friends. How many amongst them convince you to include into your network actually? Imagine you are entering a networking party or business seminar with potential clients and associates are crowding in the room. You must be smelling new business relations and prospective growth in the air. And you have loaded with abundance of business cards. But do they feature abundance of possibilities to do the talking for your enterprise after you have left one of these into their hand or wallet? Had you thought everyone is going to seriously consider it? Will it create the first impression of your business and will last longer enough to strike a chord of longstanding corporations? There are some ways your business cards are likely to be close to your recipients’ phones, not their trash bins.

1. Use superior quality and thicker paper stock than usual type. Thin cards are most likely to vide a cheap quality. Hence, your prospective associates might relate moderate paper quality of business cards to your priority for cheap price over commitment to high quality. Printers have different types of thick papers and attach two papers with glue while printing.

2. Instead of papers think of any other surface to boast off your company name and details. Use materials such as plastic, leather, metal or any other materials. There are several printing companies are inducing rounds of innovations and varied range of such printing materials are major parts of changing trends in business cards.
3. Choose ‘Fold’ design to show some and some keep some details within the fold. Folding designs adds more space and scopes to properly arrange your company details without cramming within just a small area.

You can also think of round corners instead of edges, die cut design to create business cards different shapes [ do you want to boast off your business cards in star shapes?], combine thermography and flat printing to create a multi-dimensional cards. Now, your cards will surely stand out to speak for your business

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flyer Printing Secrets to Shrink Budgets.

Flyer printing project must be friendly to your business. A flyer can be friend to your business when it helps maximising marketing benefits and minimises costs to Here are some secrets revealed to spiral the costs of flyer printing downwards.

A) Forgo colour flyer printing – Go with black and white flyer printing instead of colour printing when it is not affecting the purpose of printing flyers. Also some flyer printing situations claim black and white printing such as when you are integrating some news headlines to your flyers. In such cases, the headline is to be written in bold and irregular font style while subsequent details have to be presented as subheadings. In this way, the headline and remaining content will be prominent enough to grab public attention without spending extra in colourful printing.

b) Decide for single sided flyers – Instead of double sided flyer printing, choose single sided printing to reduce costs of your company. Moreover, if the content of the flyer easily contained in the first page only, then why will you be spending unnecessarily on another page. Also, readers pay only brief span of time on your flyers – therefore, the more concise you make it, more powerful and faster the flyers will be attractive to targeted readers making them grasp the message within short period.

c) Paper type and quality – Choice of paper also has lot to contribute in lowering money to be spent on flyers as flyer printing companies charge variedly depending upon varying paper quality. Unless you are not targeting affluent class of audience with your flyers, settle for less brilliant paper quality, otherwise, use minimum 300gsm paper.

d) Bulk printing and free flyer printing – You can reduce your flyer printing expenses with companies who take bulk printing orders and offer free flyer printing facilities. These companies may charge nominal costs for shipping and handling when providing free flyer printing options. Also they accept bulk orders and quote at a special reduced rates as the costing decreases with the size of the printing orders.

Size of the flyer determines costs of flyer printing as oversized flyers are expensive while small paper sizes like flyers made from a single sheet will reduce the cost.