Monday, August 3, 2009

How To Get Your Business Cards Stand Out From Thousands?

If you look at your drawers or wallet, you would find several rectangular bits of papers crammed with information either on colleagues, clients, customers or friends. How many amongst them convince you to include into your network actually? Imagine you are entering a networking party or business seminar with potential clients and associates are crowding in the room. You must be smelling new business relations and prospective growth in the air. And you have loaded with abundance of business cards. But do they feature abundance of possibilities to do the talking for your enterprise after you have left one of these into their hand or wallet? Had you thought everyone is going to seriously consider it? Will it create the first impression of your business and will last longer enough to strike a chord of longstanding corporations? There are some ways your business cards are likely to be close to your recipients’ phones, not their trash bins.

1. Use superior quality and thicker paper stock than usual type. Thin cards are most likely to vide a cheap quality. Hence, your prospective associates might relate moderate paper quality of business cards to your priority for cheap price over commitment to high quality. Printers have different types of thick papers and attach two papers with glue while printing.

2. Instead of papers think of any other surface to boast off your company name and details. Use materials such as plastic, leather, metal or any other materials. There are several printing companies are inducing rounds of innovations and varied range of such printing materials are major parts of changing trends in business cards.
3. Choose ‘Fold’ design to show some and some keep some details within the fold. Folding designs adds more space and scopes to properly arrange your company details without cramming within just a small area.

You can also think of round corners instead of edges, die cut design to create business cards different shapes [ do you want to boast off your business cards in star shapes?], combine thermography and flat printing to create a multi-dimensional cards. Now, your cards will surely stand out to speak for your business


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