Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Your Letterhead Printing Cannot Do Without?

Imagine you have received a direct mail letter wherein the letterhead has occupied almost half portion of the page. Doesn’t the letterhead seem a bit odd, unprofessional and out of place? Your letterhead printing project may also contain some mistakes that will wrongly portray your company to your business associates. There are some mistakes of letterhead printing you must be careful and mindful about.

Your letterhead grabs the most attention of your mail recipients in a serious formal correspondence. The person reading your letter spends considerable amount in looking and judging your letterhead while reading your letter. To make the first impression right, assume an appealing letterhead design that spurs a distinct visual element to the letterhead. Your letterhead designs must be consistent to your other business collaterals such as business cards, flyers, brochures, envelopes etc.

Your letterhead printing project must not devoid of vital elements such as your company logo, slogan or special message, the colour used all marketing campaigns of your company. Too much information in the letterheads look too cluttered while too little information creates insufficiency or lack of basic information – which may bog down your recipients who are looking for precise information for making initial interaction.

Some companies tend to include a lot of contact information while your phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers or email addresses will suffice the needs for your mail recipients to initiate a communications. So, does your letterhead printing has all these necessary elements and features incorporated?

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