Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flyer Printing Secrets to Shrink Budgets.

Flyer printing project must be friendly to your business. A flyer can be friend to your business when it helps maximising marketing benefits and minimises costs to Here are some secrets revealed to spiral the costs of flyer printing downwards.

A) Forgo colour flyer printing – Go with black and white flyer printing instead of colour printing when it is not affecting the purpose of printing flyers. Also some flyer printing situations claim black and white printing such as when you are integrating some news headlines to your flyers. In such cases, the headline is to be written in bold and irregular font style while subsequent details have to be presented as subheadings. In this way, the headline and remaining content will be prominent enough to grab public attention without spending extra in colourful printing.

b) Decide for single sided flyers – Instead of double sided flyer printing, choose single sided printing to reduce costs of your company. Moreover, if the content of the flyer easily contained in the first page only, then why will you be spending unnecessarily on another page. Also, readers pay only brief span of time on your flyers – therefore, the more concise you make it, more powerful and faster the flyers will be attractive to targeted readers making them grasp the message within short period.

c) Paper type and quality – Choice of paper also has lot to contribute in lowering money to be spent on flyers as flyer printing companies charge variedly depending upon varying paper quality. Unless you are not targeting affluent class of audience with your flyers, settle for less brilliant paper quality, otherwise, use minimum 300gsm paper.

d) Bulk printing and free flyer printing – You can reduce your flyer printing expenses with companies who take bulk printing orders and offer free flyer printing facilities. These companies may charge nominal costs for shipping and handling when providing free flyer printing options. Also they accept bulk orders and quote at a special reduced rates as the costing decreases with the size of the printing orders.

Size of the flyer determines costs of flyer printing as oversized flyers are expensive while small paper sizes like flyers made from a single sheet will reduce the cost.

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