Friday, December 18, 2009

Sure-Shot Tricks to Design Flyers & Capture Audience within ‘8 seconds’

Flyers are as fast as websites to gain or lose customers within a short span. 8 seconds are most likely to be spent by a reader in the flyer content. Hence, all you have this ‘8 seconds’ of time to capture the attention of quality audience. To make your flyers ‘pop’ in the market, either hire a flyer printing company or professional designer or else consider techniques used by them, such as –

  1. A snappy headline or tagline – Often a tagline or headline consisting of carefully chosen, compelling words. Popular headlines in flyers are remembered and linked to the particular product. You can get to choose words like ‘the secrets to…’, ‘how to’, ‘Discover’, ‘Proven’, ‘Finally…’ etc.

  1. Colourful, vivid graphics – Large, vivid and colourful images or graphics magnet our eyes and pull us toward them to see in detail. Moreover, these striking graphics flashed from your flyers look good to look over and over again. So, half the battle of drawing people to your flyers is won with inclusion of a relevant, good quality images or photos. The photo of your famed brand ambassador included in your flyers is win-win proposition, in this regard, to cash in their fame in drawing attention from masses.

  1. Emphasise on products and its benefits – Your audience grow interest in your flyers or products when they can remedy their problems or issues. They look for ‘what is in it for me’, hence, it is better to put yourself in their shoes and write your flyers from their perspectives. Use ‘second person’ in your copy to include ’you’ and ‘your’ to the copy.

  1. Incorporate real life experiences through testimonials – Nothing endorses better or makes a first impression credible than testimonials from a happy customers in the flyers. The ‘happy’ notes of satisfied customers convince and make your prospects feel safe to rely on your products or services as they can relate to their problems will intrigued to search more information in your flyers.

Experienced professionals know how to use the space and highlight the texts or significant points with boxes, borders, coloured (contrasted) frames with leaving white spaces between for separation. Highlight the main points in flyers with bulleted points, bold but avoid ‘Uppercase’ or ‘ALL CAPS’ to prevent your words look shouting.

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