Friday, July 15, 2011

Placing Posters In Your Living Room

Posters have always attracted people with their colours and odd wordings. I have been running a dance academy. Every season I have got different types of posters printed. My posters have been so attractive that people have placed them inside their living rooms. My designer had been out of town for sometime and I wanted to get my poster printing job.

My dance academy was having an annual celebration and every student of mine wanted to know what kind of poster I am going to give them this year. I was completely clueless because I had no designer with me. Then I searched Google and I saw there are so many online printers who can help me. I contacted few of them and asked them to send their work. The best work was sent by I told them my concept and within one day they made it and sent it across. The work was as per my standards and for my annual celebration I had a poster printed which could be placed in the living room of many of students.

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  1. Great post..i was looking for something like that and it seems like you have ended my search...i will do more research on this topic. graphic designing..