Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cheap flyers: Make cheap and glossy flyers, save on costs, and get more on investments

A few days back I was sitting in a roadside café, and I found a flyer on my table. It was a simple yet a very attractive flyer. Printed on a thin paper, it was glossy and had sheen. Of the size of a maple life, it was small enough to keep in my pocket with one fold. It was about a new concert of a young school rock band. With few words and few images, it was quite effective, and was attractive enough to make me read it. It was about the concert the band was about to have in a nearby hall. Some things can make a really beautiful and cheap flyer. The costs are less, but intelligent use of the resources can bring out an effective and great business solution. Just like one, it was very small, yet the whole space was used in a very efficient and smart manner. There should be a careful use of words. There should be few words, and these should be able to make the desired impact. Many fonts should not be used. Just like in this one, it was about a rock concert, therefore it was a glossy and shiny one.

A cheap flyer can be printed with all the necessary information and details and with good images, yet saving on the cost occurring on it. Flyer printing of this sort involves choosing the right size of paper, so that costs are saved on that front. Apart from this, cost effective printing methods can be chosen for printing these. For example, offset printing can be used for such uses. These produce very cheap flyers when printed in large numbers. Apart from size, the paper quality also determines the cost. The paper can be thin and instead of spending on the thickness, money can be spent on the gloss or sheen of paper. This will make them catch more eyes than a thicker one. People have just to read and throw it away. Nobody keeps them for long. Therefore, motive should be to attract more and more people, and for that a glossy paper should be used.

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