Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tips on Cheap Postcard Printing

Today, due to the declining economic situation in the world, cheap or inexpensive is one of the most common catchwords. If you're involved in the direct mailing business for marketing, you probably will look for inexpensive postcard printing with the intention to save more funds for your business campaigns. Really, the direct mailing promotions budget can be decreasing because of the deficiency in interest and sales in the today's markets. Anyway, you can't just give up promotions just because you don't have sufficient budget. Promotions are the most important segment of bringing the business up to the high level. This is why we are "stuck" with cheap postcard printing.

There are lots of opportunities of realizing it, but you would have to adjust your preferences. Adjusting sizes of postcards and using cheap mailing services are some of the fruitful tactics you can use to save funds in marketing of direct mail.

And so now you may choose some inexpensive options on your postcard printing. At first, you should think about the paper kind. There are many different types of postcard paper, but the most moneywise type would be "uncoated" type. This paper simply goes without any gloss on it. If you think this will look too cheap, you can also consider a one size glossed paper. You'll get gloss on the cover side, while saving money on the front side.

When you settle this, you should think about your color printing options. The majority of printing companies will suggest the two size four-color postcard printing. Of course, that's the most costly option. In order to get you postcard printing cheap, you should consider printing four-colors on one postcard side and leave the other side blank. And since you write simple messages on the backside you'll have no worries on this case. But if you want a fine looking printed message on the backside, you may print your postcards in four-one color option – the front side will be printed in full color and the backside will simply have black ink (for instance) for the words. This will augment the expense a little, but you'll get nice messages at the postcard's backside as compensation.

And at last, you may also save funds by using inexpensive postcard mailing services. Using the national service might cost you a considerable sum, and the toil it demands to address and put stamps on all your postcards.

There are some mailing facilities that don't require post stamps. They're simply doing the courier services – they deliver postcards to the specified addresses. Usually these mailing services are parts of postcard printing companies. You can simply ask the postcard printing company you have referred to if it can offer these facilities for you. And if they do, rise and shine, for you can print and distribute the postcards in one place. This will set apart any extra expenses you could do if you'd distributed our postcards in the old manner.

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